A five-masted aux. steel barque built in 1911 by the Chantiers de la Gironde, Bordeaux. Dimensions: 127,60×16,96×7,53 meters [418'8×55'8×24'9] and tonnage: 5633 GRT and 4544 NRT.

She had a midship island which was 116 ft long. Rigged with double top- and topgallant sails which gave a total sailarea of 6350 m2. Originally equipped with two diesel engines rated at 934 hp and two propellers.

1911 November 9
Launched at the shipyard of Chantiers et Ateliers de la Gironde, Bordeaux, for Société Anonyme des Navires Mixtes (Prentout-Leblond, Leroux & Co.), Rouen. Assigned the French signal JHGT.
Sold to Leroux & Henzey, Rouen.
Sold to Compagnie Française de Marine et de Commerce, Rouen.
1917 February 28
Attacked by a submarine 150' WNW of Cape Finisterre but escaped with the aid of the night.
The two diesel engines were removed.
Sailed from New Zealand to London in 90 days.
1922 July 12
Drifted aground with a cargo of 8000 tons of nickel ore on the Ouano Reef 60' from Noumea, New Caledonia, and had to be abandoned.
1922 December 22
The hull was sold for £ 2000.
Destroyed by American bombers which were using the wreck for target practice.


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