A five-masted barque built of steel in 1921 by Ramage & Ferguson, Leith, for the A/S Det Østasiatiske Kompagni, Copenhagen. Her dimensions were 112,38×15,0×8,14 meters [368'0"×49'3"×26'9"] and with a tonnage of 3901 GRT, 3329 NRT.

1921 March 24
Launched at the shipyard of Ramage & Ferguson, Leith, for the A/S Det Ostasiatiske Kompagnie, Copenhagen, to be used as a sail training ship. Assigned the Danish signal NGHB.
1928 December 14
Left Buenos Aires for Melbourne under command of Captain H.F. Andersen with a crew of 15 seamen and 45 cadets.
1928 December 17
Spoke to the SS Arizona some 400 miles East of Montevideo.
1928 December 21
In radio contact with SS City of Auckland and William Blumer. After this she was never heard of again.


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