A four-masted iron barque built in 1889 by W.H. Potter & Co., Liverpool. Dimensions 85,79×12,56×7,46 meters [281'6"×41'3"×24'6"] and tonnage 2229 GRT and 2148 NRT. Rigged with royal sails over double top- and single topgallant sails and a skysail on the mainmast.

1889 November
Launched at the shipyard of W.H. Potter & Co., Liverpool, for Boyes & Ruyter, Bremen. Captain H.C. Bruns.
Captain G. Bachmann.
1906 September
Sold to A/S Daghild (J.P. Pedersen & Søn), Kristiania (Oslo), and was renamed Daghild. Captain G, Staalhane.
1912 October 5
Wrecked NE of Cape Orloff on voyage from Archangelsk to Adeladie with a cargo of timber and iron.

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