A four-masted iron ship built in 1886 by Oswald, Mordaunt & Co., Southampton. Dimensions 97,68×13,02×7,53 meters [320'6"×42'9"×24'9"] and tonnage: 2699 GRT and 2636 NRT.

1886 February
Launched at the shipyard of Oswald, Mordaunt & Co., Southampton, for G.W. Roberts, Liverpool.
Sold to E.F. & W. Roberts, Liverpool.
Listed by Lloyd's Register as a four-masted barque.
1897 May 14 - September 16
Sailed from Port Townsend to London in 125 days.
1899 May 10
Stranded at Policarpo, Tierra del Fuego, where the ship was to remain for twenty years.
Sold to Soc. G.C. Menedez, Valparaiso which company salvaged the ship and renamed her the Alejandrina.
1919 July
Ready for sea after repairs but there was no demand for sailing ships after the end of the war and made only one trip to London.
Sold to Comp. Chilena de Navigatcion Interoceania, Punta Arenas, and converted to a lighter.
Broken up.

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