A four-masted steel barque built in 1902 by Arthur Sewall & Co., Bath, ME.
Dimensions: 101,29×13,81×7,94 meters [332'4"×45'4"×26'1"] and tonnage: 3381 GRT and 3006 NRT. Rigged with dubbel top- and topgallant sails and royal sails.

1902 January 11
Launched at the shipyard of Arthur Sewall & Co., Bath, ME, for Standard Oil Co., New York.
1905 March 5 - April 9
Sailed from Shanghai to San Francisco under command of Captain John C. Amberman the ex first mate.
Sold to Alaska Packers' Association, San Francisco, and was renamed Star of Lapland.
Laid up.
1935 October
Broken up in Japan.


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