A four-masted steel barque built in 1908 by R.C. Rickmers, Geestemünde. Her dimensions were: 87.35×13.62×7.55 meters [278'2×44'8×26'5] and tonnage: 2738 GRT and 2074 NRT.

Launched at the shipyard of R.C. Rickmers, Geestemünde, for Soc. Anon. Maritime de Belge S.A., Antwerp as a sail training ship.
1909 February 9 - May 23
Sailed from Wallaroo to Falmouth in 103 days.
A radio transmitter and receiver was installed as the first ever installed in a sailing ship.
Sailed from Port Talbot to Antofagasta in 68 days.
1914 June
Laid up at L'Havre at the outbreak of the First World War.
1915 May 6- June 20
Sailed from L'Havre to New York in 45 days under command of Captain Audenaerdes.
1917 March 28 - July 2
Sailed from New York to Melbounre with a cargo of kerosene in cases.
1918 April 22 - July 23
Sailed from Port Townsend to Manila with general cargo.
1919 April 19 - October 24
Sailed from San Francisco to Ipswich. Captain Williams joined the ship together with 48 apprentices. Had to put into Bahia August 12-26 for repair of a leak.
1926 May 4 - August 22
Sailed from Geelong to Lizard in 110 days with a cargo of wheat. This was the fastest passage for the 1926 season.
Sold to Gustav Erikson, Mariehamn. The steam winches were replaced by electrical winches. Her first master for the new owner was Captain Nils Ericsson.
1937 June
Sold to Hamburg Amerika Linie for £ 10.000 and was renamed Admiral Karpfanger.
1938 February 8
Sailed from Port Germain, Australia, for Hamburg with a cargo of 3500 tons of wheat. After having radioed her position 51°S and 172°E on March 1 and "all well" she was not heard of again.


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