A four-masted steel ship built in 1888 by T. Royden & Sons, Liverpool. Dimensions 93,74×13,73×7,36 meters [307'7"×45'1"×24'2"] and tonnage 2668 GRT and 2613 NRT. Rigged with nothing above double top- and topgallant sails.

1888 September
Launched at the shipyard of T. Royden & Sons, Liverpool, for Macvicar, Marshall & Co., Liverpool. The first master was Captain P. Lyall.
Sold to D.H. Wätjen & Co., Bremen, and was renamed Bertha. Captain C. Hüneke resumed command of the ship. Assigned the German official signal GHJN. The German measurements were: 91,06×13,76×7,42 meters and 2695 GRT.
1913 October 18
Sold to Rhederei Akt. Gesellschaft von 1896, Hamburg, and was renamed Ottawa. The new master was Captain O. Heinatz. Referred to as a fourmasted barque.
Interned in San Francisco at the outbreak of the First World War.
Condemned by the US Government and renamed Muscoota.
Transferred to the United States Shipping Board, Washington, DC, and renamed Flying Cloud.
Renamed Muscoota.
Hulked in Sydney.
Broken up at Milne Bay.

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