Cape Clear

A four-masted steel barque built in 1892 by R. Duncan & Co., Port Glasgow, for A. Lyle & Sons, Greenock. Dimensions: 85,18x12,82x7,41 meters [279'6x42'1x24'4] and tonnage: 2129 GRT and 2017 NRT.

1892 May
Launched at the shipyard of R. Duncan & Co., Port Glasgow.
Sailed from Calcutta to Beachy Head in 102 days.
Sold to Ant. Dom. Bordes et fils, Dunkerque, and renamed Amérique. Master of the ship was Captain Plusquelle.
1899 August 2
Sailed from Tyne for Valparaiso.
1899 September 22
Last spoken to south the Tierra Fuego.

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