A four-masted steel barque built in 1892 by Fairfield Shibuilding & Engineering Co., Glasgow. Dimensions 91,03×13,41×7,43 meters [298'8"×44'0"×24'5"] and tonnage 2348 GRT and 2198 NRT. Rigged with royal sails over double top- and topgallant sails.

1892 November 19
Launched at the shipyard of Fairfield, Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Glasgow, as Yard No. 368 for Chiltonford Ship Co. Ltd (Briggs, Harvie & Co. mgrs), Glasgow. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 99866. The first master was Captain Hendry.
1892 December
Sold to C.W. Corsar, Glasgow.
Sold to J. Hardie & Co., Glasgow. Captain R. Montgomery.
Sold to G. Windram & Co., Liverpool. Captain J. Williams.
1915 March
Sold to A/S Olivebank (E. Monsen & Co. mgrs), Tvedestrand, Norway, and was renamed Chile. Captain O.C. Olsen.
1916 May
Sold to Thv. B. Heistein & Sønner A/S, Kristiansand, Norway. Captain C. Sangereit.
1917 January
Was renamed Asalia.
1917 June 6
Sunk on voyage from New York to Dublin with a cargo of oil by the German submarine U 44 at 51°10'N and 14°50' W.


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