A four-masted wooden barque built in 1824 by Charles Wood, Anse-du-Fort, Quebec. Dimensions 91,74×15,39×6,82 meters [301'×50'6"×22'5"] and tonnage 3690 GRT.

Built of mostly square timbers with a perfectly flat bottom and straight sides and with the intention to be taken apart at her destination and sold for her timbers.

Rigged with single top- and topgallant sails.

1824 July 28
Launched at the shipyard of Charles Wood, Anse-du-Fort, Isle of Orleans, Quebec. Captain William McKellar.
1824 September 5
Sailed from Quebec for London with 6300 tons of timber.
1824 September 9
Grounded at Bersimis, St Lawrence.
1824 September 12
Was able to resume the voyage.
1824 October 29
Off the Scilly Light.
1824 November 1
Reported by Lloyd's List to have arrived at the Downs in a leaking condition. Arrived eventually at Blackwall Reach through the help of "branch pilots, steamboats, warps and the capstan" according to The Times.
1825 May 17
Wrecked in the English Channel on voyage from London to St John, NB.
Although initially intended to be taken apart at her destination and sold for her timbers, the owners decided against the advice of Charles Wood to send her back to St John, New Brunswick, for another timber cargo. However, she was wrecked already in the English Channel on May 17, 1825, on her return voyage.


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