A four-masted steel barque built in 1893 by D. & W. Henderson & Co., Glasgow. Dimensions 89,30×13,10×7,41 meters [293'0"×43'0"×24'4"] and tonnage 2432 GRT and 1268 NRT. Rigged with double top and topgallant sails and royal sails.

1893 August 30
Launched at the shipyard of D. & W. Henderson & Co., Glasgow, as Yard No. 369 for Corunna Sailing Ship Co. Ltd. (J. Hardie & Co. mgrs), Glasgow. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 102633. The first master was Captain J. Robson late of the same owner's fourmasted barque Talavera (1882).
1893 October
Sailed from Glasgow to Rio de Janeiro in 40 days.
Sailed from Rio de Janeiro to Melbourne in 55 days.
Sailed from Melbourne to London in 89 days.
Sailed from Liverpool to Sydney in 94 days.
1904 June
Captain McNeil was replaced by Captain John Mason, late of the fullrigged ship Albuera.
1904 July 24
Left Antwerpen for Port Townsend, WA, under tow. Drifted onto the Wandelaar Light Vessel as the pilot ordered the cable to be cast off during a squall.
1904 September 1
Stranded at Miramar south of Rio de la Plata. The Court of Inquiry found the master was to be blamed for not having taken the necessary soundings.
Hulked in Montevideo.
Sold to Société Boillart de Boisguilbert, Paris, for £ 70.000 and was renamed La Epoca. The ship was registered in Uruguay. Was re-rigged and chartered to Oriental Navigation Corp., New York.
1917 October 29
Sunk by the German submarine U 93 at 45°10'N and 1°45'W.
There is a picture of Corunna on p 338 of Sea Breezes Vol. IX (1926-27).

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