A four-masted iron ship built in 1883 at Russel & Co, Greenock, for Gillison & Chadwick, Liverpool.

Dimensions: 81,45×12,26×7,33 meters [267'3×40'3×24'1] and tonnage: 1908 GRT, 1848,28 NRT, 3010 DWT and 1759 tons under deck.

Rigged with double top-sails, single topgallant sails and royal sails. Re-rigged as a barque after a few years.

Sistership to the same owner's Drumblair (1883).

1883 November
Launched at the shipyard of Russel & Co., Greenock, for the "Drum"-line of Gillison & Chadwick, Liverpool.
Captain T.E. Cowell replaced Captain Wilson [LR 1889].
1894 April 25
Stranded on the island of Tanega-Shima, Japan.
Sold to S.C. Farnham & Co., Shanghai. Captain W. Smith.

She was bought by the Shanghai Drydock Co. who repaired and rerigged her and sailed her to New York under the Chinese flag, where she was acquired Anglo-American Oil Co., London [?]. [Norman Brouwer]

Sold to the Drumeltan Sailing Ship Co. (F.E. Bliss), London.
Sold to Anglo-American Oil Co., London.
Sold to Tank Storage & Carriage Co., London.
Sold to Standard Transportation Co., Hongkong.
Sold to Browne Willis, Punta Arenas, Costa Rica, and was renamed Margaret Overman.
Sold to Neptune Line Inc., New York, and was renamed Brooklyn.
Sold to A. & S. Transporting Co., Newark, NJ.
1936 May 29
Sunk in a collision off Bayonne, NJ, with the barge Newark while under tow of the Chapman Bros.


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