A four-masted steel barque built in 1890 by Russell & Co., Port Glasgow. Dimensions: 95,55×12,82×7,41 meters [313'6"×42'1"×24'4"] and tonnage: 2565 GRT, 2512 NRT and 2453 tons under deck. Equipped with a donkey steam engine.

Rigged with skysails, royal sails, over double top- and single topgallant sails.

1889 December
Launched at the shipyard of Russell & Co., Port Glasgow, and delivered to the Shire Line of T. Law & Co., Glasgow, in January 1890. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 97594. Captain W.C. McGibbon was given command of the new vessel.
1890 March 15 - April 21
Sailed from Antwerp to San Francisco in 158 days.
1890 October 28 - April 7
Sailed from San Francisco to Hull in 159 days.
Sailed from Newcastle, NSW, to San Francisco in 84 days.
Sailed from San Francisco to Queenstown f.o. in 112 days.
Sailed from Newcastle, NSW, to Antofagasta in 42 days.
Held up at Newcastle, NSW, together with more than a 100 other sailing ships during the coal mine strike.
Sailed from Iquique for Hamburg but sprung a leak and had to put into Rio de Janeiro.
1897 July 2 - August 20
Repaired in Rio de Janeiro.
Arrived in Hamburg 196 days out from Iquique.
Sailed from Newcastle, NSW, to Valparaiso in 39 days.
Sailed from Dunkirk to New York in 45 days.
Sailed from Philadelphia, PA, to Hiogo in 163 days.
Sailed from Portland, OR, to Falmouth f.o. in 114 days.
Sailed from Newcastle, NSW, to Valparaiso in 39 days.
Sailed from Mejillones to Hamburg in 114 days.
Sailed from Hamburg to Honolulu in 140 days.
Sailed from Tacoma to Falmouth f.o. in 127 days.
1915 June 28
Torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine on voyage from San Francisco with a cargo of grain for Europe some 25 miles SW of the Smalls in the St George's Channel.

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