Frederick Billings

A four-masted wooden ship in 1885 by Carleton, Norwood & Co., Rockport, ME. Dimensions: 84,73×13,61×8,83 meters [278'0"×44'8"×29'0"] and tonnage: 2629 GRT and 2497 NRT.

Rigged with sky sails and double top-sails.

1885 August
Launched at the shipyard of Carleton, Norwood & Co., Rockport, ME, for their own use. Intended for the San Francisco trade. The first master of the ship was Captain Isaac W. Sherman, Camden, ME.
Sailed from New York to Kobe with a cargo of case oil.
Sailed from San Francisco with a cargo of wheat to L'Havre in 112 days.
1887 June
Arrived at San Franciso in ballast, 29 days out from Kobe.
Captain Herbert H. Williams, late of the ship St. Paul, replaced Captain Sherman. A donkey engine was installed.
1891 October 31
Sailed from New York to San Francisco.
1893 July 30
Burnt to the waterline in the harbour of Caleta Buena after having taken aboard 3800 tons of nitrate in eight days.

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