A four-masted steel ship built in 1888 by Whitehaven Shipbuilding Co., Whitehaven. Dimensions: 89,42×13,00×7,36 meters [293'5"×42'8"×24'2"] and tonnage: 2361 GRT and 2291 NRT.

Sistership to the fourmasted ship Lord Shaftesbury.

Rigged with royal sails over double top and topgallant sails. Was later rebuilt as a four-masted barque.

1888 September
Launched at the shipyard of Whitehaven Shipbuilding Co., Whitehaven, for J. Joyce, Liverpool. Captain T.O. Watson.
1895 January 14 - April 26
Sailed from Calcutta to New York in 102 days.
Sailed from Shanghai to Columbia River in 27 days.
1900 May
Sailed from Shanghai to Columbia River in 27 days. Sailed 2600 miles in 10 days. The best 24 hour distance was 295 miles.
Sailed from Astoria to Queenstown where she arrived on January 6 1903, after 112 days.
1916 May 6
Sunk by a German submarine some 170 miles WbN of Ushant on voyage from Portland, OR, with a cargo of barley to Falmouth for orders.

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