A four-masted iron ship built in 1886 by Whitehaven Shipbuildings Co., Whitehaven.
Dimensions: 88,15×12,80×7,38 meters [289'3"×42'0"×24'3"], tonnage: 2304 GRT and 2239 NRT.

1886 August
Launched at the shipyard of Whitehaven Shipbuildings Co., Whitehaven, for Ismay, Imrie, & Co., Liverpool.
1895 June 8
Sold to Knöhr & Burchard, Hamburg and was renamed Barmbek.
1914 August
Arrested by the French cruiser Chatâteau Renault and was towed to Brest.
Sold to Compagnie Navale de l'Oceanie, Brest, and renamed Pacifique.
1921 March 2
In collision with the American steamer Naamhok 8 nautical miles South St Catherine's Point. Was comndemned after having been towed to Le Havre, later towed to Caen where she was broken up.

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