A four-masted steel ship built in 1888 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, as hull no. 205. Her dimensions were 100,34×13,76×8,09 meters [329'3"×45'2"×26'7"] and tonnage 3072 GRT and 2960NRT. Rigged with double top- and topgallant sails and royal sails.

1888 February 11
Launched at the shipyard of Harland & Wolff, Belfast.
1888 April 30
Delivered to T.J. Brocklebank, London.
Reduced to a barque.
Sold to D. & H. Wätjen, Bremen, and was renamed Adelaide.
1913 August 14
Sold to Rhederei Akt. Gesellschaft von 1896, Hamburg, and was renamed Odessa.
1914 August 20
Taken by the British auxilliary cruiser HMS Caronia in the North Atlantic and was put under the British flag under the name Adelaide.
1915 April
Sold to A/S Souverain (A. Melling Jr.), Stavanger, Norway, and was renamed Souverain.
1916 September
Sold to Tvedestrands Rederi A/S (Jos. A. Henschen), Tvedestrand.
Sold to Tvedestrands Rederi A/S (Christiansands Shipping Co. Ltd.), Kristiansand.
1920 September
Sold to Skibs A/S Otra (Lars Jørgensen), Kristiansand.
Sold to Emil & Hjalmar Knudsen, Lillesand and was renamed Hippalos.
Broken up in The Netherlands.


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