A four-masted steel barque built in 1896 by Ateliers et chantiers de la Loire, Nantes. Dimensions: 97,89×13,73×7,74 meters [321'2"×45'1"×25'5"] and tonnage 3094 GRT and 2453 NRT. Rigged with double top and topgallant sails and royal sails.

1896 December 8
Launched at the shipyard of Ateliers et chantiers de la Loire, Nantes, for Ant. Dom. Bordes et fils, Dunkerque. Captain J. Loquen.
Sailed from Portland, OR, to Iquique in 66 days.
Sailed from Iquique to Prawle Point in 75 days.
Sold to Compagnie Française d'Armement et d'Importation de Nitrate de Soude, Dunkerque.
1913 October 1
Left Iquique for Dover for orders under command of Captain Michel Jaffré.
1913 October 10-13
Saved the crew of the fullrigged ship Dalgonar at 26°S, 130°W which had capsized and was on her beam-ends. The Loire stood by for four days with the signal "I Will Not Abandon You" flying until the crew of the Dalgonar could be taken off. Arrived at Dunkerque 96 days out.
Broken up in Italy.

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