Loudon Hill

A four-masted barque built in 1887 by Russell & Co., Port Glasgow, for J.R. Dickson & Co., Glasgow. Her dimensions were 86,5×12,3×7,5(d) meters [283'4×40'4×24'5] and tonnage 2139 GRT, 1986 NRT and 3300 DWT.

Rigged with royal sails over double top and single topgallant sails.

1887 May 24
Launched at the shipyard of Russell & Co., Port Glasgow, for J.R. Dickson & Co., Glasgow. Originally Dickson held 21 shares and William Todd Lithgow 43 shares in the ship. The latter was one of the partners in Russell & Co.
1899 December
Sold to E.F. & W. Roberts, Liverpool, for £ 14.000. [Lyman has 1902]
Sold to A/S Erbrin (H. Jacobsen), Fredrikstad, Norway, £ 3100 and was renamed Erbrin. The new master was Captain Arnt Nielsen.
Sailed from Callao to the Columbia River in 40 days.
1915 September 13
Sold to Rederi AB Magda (Vidar Olburs), Gothenburg, for SEK 250.000 and renamed Magda. New master was Captain Thor August Börjesson, Vallda.
1916 November 16
The majority of the shares were bought by a consortium from Stockholm and the port of registry was changed to this city.
1917 August
Captain N.P. Lund, Nyhamnsläge, was appointed as new master of the ship.
1918 September 6
Sold to Förnyade Ångfartygs AB Viking (Gunnar Carlsson), Gothenburg, for £ 15.000 and renamed Gullmarn.
1921 June
The Förnyade Ångfartygs AB Viking was liquidated and the Gullmarn was transferred to the owning company, Rederi AB Transatlantic, Gothenburg.
1922 August
Captain Johan Valfrid Andersson, Halmstad.
1923 September 5
Was sold to Petersen & Albeck, Copenhagen, for SEK 59.000 to be broken up, but was instead sold to Carl Nordstrand, Copenhagen, who sent her to England for a cargo coal from Cardiff to Madeira under the command of Captain P.T. Steffensen.
1924 January
Sold to Socieade Insulana de Transportes Marittima Ltda, Funchal, for £ 3500. Was de-rigged except for the lower masts and used as a coal hulk on the Funchal roadstead.
1941 February 12-13
Drifted ashore during a storm and was wrecked.

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