A four-masted steel barque built in 1891 by Richardson, Duck & Co., Stockton. Dimensions: 91,56×12,80×7,48 meters [300'5"×42'0"×24'7"] and tonnage 2357 GRT and 2259 NRT. Rigged with sky and royal sails over double top and single topgallant sails.

1891 October
Launched at the shipyard of Richardson, Duck & Co., Stockton, "Muskoka" Ship & Co. (F.C. McMahon), Windsor, NS. Furrer says that Captain J. Davies was the first master while Lubbock seems to infer that Captain Crowe was her first master.
1898 October 19 - January 25
Sailed from San Francisco to Queenstown in 98 days.
1898 March 25 - June 19
Sailed from Cardiff to Hong Kong in 85 days with a cargo of coal.
Sailed from Hong Kong to New York in 109 days.
1900 January 7
Signalled Lizard 111 days out from Astoria.
1901 December 30 - April 9
Sailed from Astoria to Queenstown in 101 days, 20 hours.
1902 December 27 - April 2
Sailed from Australia to Falmouth in 96 days with a cargo of wheat.
Captain Crowe was replaced by Captain R. McDonald who remained in command until the ship was sold.
1909 June
Sold to Ant. Dom. Bordes et fils, Dunkerque, and was renamed Caroline. Captain Gautier.
Sailed from Iquique to La Pallice in 91 days.
Sailed from Port Talbot to Iquique in 87 days.
Sailed from Iquique to Dunkirk in 104 days.
Sailed from Nantes to Taltal in 69 days.
Sailed from St Nazaire to Antofagasta in 70 days.
1920 July 18
The cargo of coal caught fire at Antofagasta and the ship had to be stranded. The damages were too extensive to repair and the ship was declared a total loss.

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