A four-masted steel barque in 1903 by J.C. Tecklenborg, Geestemünde, Bremerhaven. Dimensions: 98,19×14,07×7,99 meters [322'2"×46'2"×26'3"] and tonnage 3054 GRT and 2822 NRT. Rigged with royal sails over double top and topgallant sails.

1903 January
Launched at the shipyard of J.C. Tecklenborg, Geestemünde, Bremerhaven, for F. Laeisz, Hamburg. Captain T. Schmidt.
1903 April 11 - June 15
Sailed from Dungeness to Valparaiso in 65 days.
Sailed from Iquique to Isle of Wight in 75 days.
Sailed from The English Channel to Valparaiso in 64 days.
Captain F. Junge.
Sailed from Mejillones to Scilly Isles in 62 days.
1913 January 18
Collided with the steamer Phryné and was sunk at Cap de la Hague on voyage from Antwerpen to Chile. Only four men of the crew were saved.

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