Pendragon Castle

A four-masted steel barque built in 1891 by Richard Williamson & Son, Workington, as Yard No. 94.
Dimensions: 92,57×12,85×x7,46 meters [303'9×x42'2×24'9], tonnage: 2510 GRT and 2399 NRT.
A flush decked and bald-headed barque, which belonged to the group of six four-masted barques called the Workington Sisters.

1891 February
Launched at the shipyard of Richard Williamson & Son, Workington, for James Chambers & Co., Liverpool.
Captain Wood.
Sailed from Liverpool to Calcutta with a cargo of salt in 93 days.
1891 December 28
In collision with the American four-masted schooner Maria O. Teel south of the Thames entrance and had to undergo lengthy repairs.
Captain Richardson.
1895 December 27 -
Sailed from Elbe to Adelaide with a cargo of cokes in 82 days. 77 days from the Isle of Wight.
1896 August 18 -
Sailed from Newcastle, NSW, to San Francisco with a cargo of 3611 tons of coal in 58 days.
1898 May 27
Sold to Hans Hinrich Schmidt, Hamburg, for £ 14.000 and renamed Lisbeth. Assigned the German signal RKWJ. Captain Bock was given command of the ship.
Sailed from Dundee to New York in ballast in 39 days.
Captain Scharsich.
1898 September 13 - December 8
Sailed from New York to Melbourne with a cargo of mostly case oil in 86 days. The Melbourne Argus reported of the arrival the following day.
Captain Kaak.
Sailed from Tocopilla to Falmouth with a cargo of nitrate in 71 days.
Captain Lorenzen.
Captain Hansen.
Captain Jessen.
1914 June 26 - September 21
Sailed from Port Talbot to Iqique with a cargo in coal in 87 days. Part of the coal cargo was transferred to the German steamer Karnak. Later the Karnak rendevouzed with a German squadron and the coal was transferred to the German cruiser SMS Dresden.
Interned at Iquique during the war.
Captain Look.
1920 October 5 - January 7
Sailed from Iquique to Delfzijl with a caro in nitrate in 94 days.
Assigned to France as war damage compensation.
Laid up at Delfzijl.
1922 April 14
Sold to Bernhard Wilhelm Riedemann, Bremen, for FRF 115.000.
1922 April 26
Sold to Claus Hinrichsen GmbH, Hamburg, for DEM 600.000.
Captain Windhorst.
1924 March 26 - May 16
Sailed from Brügge to Pensacola in ballast in 50 days.
1924 July 1 - August 7
Sailed from Pensacola to Liverpool with a cargo of timber in 38 days.
1927 August 28
Sold to Reederei Frithjof GmbH (H. Andersen), Hamburg, for DEM 80.000.
Broken up at Port Glasgow.
The builder's halfmodel is preserved in the Friesen-Museum, Wyk, Föhr, and the figurehead could be seen in the gardens of the Rockferry Hotels, Cheshire, in the 1930s.

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