Queen Margaret

A four-masted steel barque built in 1893 by A. MacMillan & Son, Dumbarton. Dimensions 83,82×12,85×7,31 meters [275'0"×42'2"×24'0"] and tonnage 2144 GRT and 1999 NRT. Rigged with skysails and royal sails over double top and single topgallant sails.

1893 June
Launched at the shipyard of A. MacMillan & Son, Dumbarton, for J. Black & Co., Glasgow. Captain D.F. Faulkner, Nova Scotia.
1893 April
Sailed from Greenock to Philadelphia, PA, in 45 days.
Sailed from Philadelphia, PA, to Calcutta in 134 days with a cargo of 87.000 cases of oil.
1893/1894 August
Sailed from Calcutta to Boston in 120 days with a mixed cargo of nitrate and jute.
1900 February
Captain Robert Logie.
Captain T.F. Morrison.
1913 January 17 — May 5
Sailed under command of Captain M. Bousfield from Australia to Lizard Point in 108 days with a cargo of wheat.
1913 May 5
After having received orders for Limrick, Captain Bousfield wired the owners to get a tug to tow the ship against the strong head wind. Stranded at the Stag Rocks, Lizard Point, at 08:00 when they tried to get closer to the lighthouse to read the telegraphic answer from the owners.

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