A four-masted iron barque built in 1881 by Steele, Greenock. Her dimensions were: 289'0×42'2×23'9 and tonnage: 2094 GRT and 1935 NRT.

1881 April
Launched at the shipyard of Steele, Greenock, for the "Burn"-line of R. Shankland & Co., Greenock.
Captain W. Harnell.
1886 April -1886
Captain H. Holmyard.
Captain G. Roberts.
Captain Dalrymple of Dumfries.
Captain F.P. Horsefall.
1905 November 27
Sold to Rederi AB Navigator (John E. Olsen), Gothenburg, for £ 6000 to be used as a sail training ship and was renamed Svithiod. Captain Anders Falberg (1857).
1911 November 11 - January 16
Sailed from Port Talbot with a cargo to Pisagua in 88 days.
Sold to Svenska Australien Linjen (W.R. Lundgren), Gothenburg, for SEK 127.000.
Sold to Rederi AB Pollux (Alex. Pedersen), Gothenburg, and renamed Beatrice.
Sold to A/S Stavangers Skibsophugnings Komp. for SEK 16.500 to be scrapped.
1932 October 2
Towed from Gothenburg to Stavanger to be broken up.

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