A four-masted wooden ship built in 1890 by Arthur Sewall & Co., Bath, ME.
Dimensions: 91,30×14,95×6,01 meters [299'7"×49'1"×19'9"], and tonnage: 3406,78 GRT and 3258,47 NRT. Built on the model of the Rappahannock but with 12½ feet added midships.

Rigged with dubbel top-sails, single topgallant sails, royal and sky sails.

1890 November 26
Launched at the shipyard of Arthur Sewall & Co., Bath, ME, for their own account. Assigned the official American Reg. No. 116370 and the signal KHST.
Captain James F. Murphy was master of the ship for the first seven years and after that made three more single trips.
1891 January 19
Sailed from New York to San Fancisco in 124 days.
1891 - November 18
San Francisco to Le Havre in 109 days with a cargo of wheat at 38 shillings per ton.
1892 March 24 - July 13
New York to San Francisco in 111 days.
1892 August 22 - December 14
San Francisco to Liverpool in 114 days with a cargo of 4800 long tons of grain.
New York to San Francisco in 152 days.
1896 December 2 - March 12
Golden Gate (San Francisco) to Liverpool in 100 days or 102 days port to port.
San Francisco to New York in 98 days.
New York to Japan in 139 days.
Captain Omar E. Chapman.
Port Blakely, Pudget Sound, to New York in 131 days.
1907 March 29 - August 6
Sailed from Baltimore to Melbourne where she arrived after 130 days leaking ten inches per hour. The cargo of coal was destined for the Mare Island Navy Yard, CA.
1907 October 5 - December 27
Melbourne to San Francisco in 83 days.
1907 July - 1910 February
Laid up in San Francisco Bay.
1910 February 6
Sailed from San Francisco for New York witrh a cargo of asphalt, lumber and scrap iron salvaged from the Great Earthquake of April 1906.
Sold to Scully Brothers for $ 36.000 and converted to a tow coal barge.
1915 October 26
Rammed and sunk by the steamer Powhattan near Fire Island, Long Island, New York. [Fairburn has October 29]
1916 March 11
The submerged hull was blown up by the US Coast Guard.

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