An iron steam ship built in 1854 by Tod & McGregor. Dimensions: 100,63×12,08× meters [330'2"×39'8"×26'7"] and tonnage 2441 GRT. Equipped with a 640 hp steam engine.

Later re-built and re-rigged as a four-masted ship.

Launched at the shipyard of Tod & McGregor, Glasgow, for the Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. Assigned the Official British Reg. No. 13952 and signal LKDC.
Sold to Alexander & Co., Glasgow, and was re-built as a four-masted ship. The new tonnage was: 2288 GRT and 2172 NRT
Sold to Devitt & Moore, London.
1882 August 26 - 1883
In command of Captain Malcom Nicholson late of the same owner's iron ship John Rennie.
1883 December 24
Sailed from London for Sydney.
1883 December 25
Collided with the steamer City of Lucknow ten miles SW of the Shambles Lightship and sank. Captain Nicholson and wife and some of the crew were taken abord the City of Lucknow. The rest of the crew were brought to Southampton by a cross-Channel steamer.

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