A four-masted iron barque built in 1882 by Birrell, Stenhouse & Co., Dunbarton. Dimensions: 81,12×12,19×7,16 meters [266'2"×40'0"×23'6"] and tonnage: 1796 GRT and 1730 NRT. Rigged with royal sails over double top and single topgallant sails.

1882 June 16
Launched at the shipyard of Birrell, Stenhouse & Co., Dunbarton, as Yard No. 35 for John Hardie, Glasgow. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 86668.
Under command of Captain J. Robson late of the same owner's fullrigged ship Salamanca (1877).
Sailed from Glasgow to Melbourne in 91 days.
Sailed from London to Calcutta in 85 days.
1886 February 16
Sailed from London to Melbourne in 89 days. The former tea-clipper Cutty Sark sailed from London for Anjer the following day and the two ships passed the Cape of Good Hope on the same day.
Sailed from London to Melbourne in 73 days.
Transferred to John Hardie & Co.
Sailed from Algoa to Lyttleton in 30 days.
Sailed from London to Sydney in 85 days.
Sailed from Newcastle, NSW, to Valparaiso in 37 days.
Sailed from Iquique to Falmouth in 92 days.
Captain McCleave replaced Captain Robson who was taking command of the new fourmasted barque Corunna.
1896 February 12
Sailed from Newcastle, NSW, to Valparaiso with a part coal cargo.
1896 May 1
Stranded on Santa Maria Island on voyage from Valparaiso to Conception Bay in ballast.

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