W.J. Pirrie

A four-masted iron ship built in 1883 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, as hull no. 155. Her dimensions were 93,92×13,12×7,62 meters [308'2"×42'8"×25'0"] and tonnage 2576 GRT and 2516 NRT. Rigged with double top- and topgallant sails, royals and a main skysail.

1883 May 26
Launched at the shipyard of Harland & Wolff, Belfast.
1883 July 29
Delivered to Samuel Lawther & Co., Belfast.
Sold to J.M. Campbell & Son, Glasgow.
1904 July
Completely burnt out at Tocopilla and was used as a hulk at Mejillones.
Used as a five-masted schooner barge.
1920 November 26
Lost off La Push, Washington, (north of Cake Rock) under tow of the SS Santa Rita from Tacoma, WA, to Antofagasta, Chile, with a cargo of lumber and oil. Of the 18 on board only 2 survived.

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