A four-masted steel barque built in 1892 by T.R. Oswald & Co., Milford-Haven. Dimensions 97,55×13,12×7,79 meters [320'1"×43'1"×25'7"] and tonnage 3050 GRT and 2999 NRT. Rigged with royals over double topgallant sails.

1892 January
Launched at the shipyard of T.R. Oswald & Co., Milford-Haven, for Fisher & Sprott, London.
Sold to Rickmers Reismühlen Rhederei und Schiffbau AG, Bremerhaven, and was renamed Paul Rickmers. Captain J. Beneke.
1998 May 9 - September 14
Sailed from Rangoon to Bremerhaven in 128 days.
1902 July 20
Passed the Sunda Strait on voyage from Bankok to Bremen under command of Captain H. Schröder.

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