Abbey Town

An iron full-rigged ship built in 1875 by W. Hamilton & Co., Port Glasgow. Dimensions: 199'1"×30'1"×19'0" and tonnage: 738 GRT, 702 NRT and 685 tons under deck.
1875 August
Launched at the shipyard of W. Hamilton & Co., Port Glasgow, for Doward, Dickson & Co., Liverpool. Assigned the official British Registration No. 70976 and signal PFCG.
LR 1889-90: Barque rigged; Owner: J. Hay & Co., Liverpool; Master: Captain Shaplan.
1890 March
The cargo of nitrate from Chile caught fire while discharging at Calais and the ship was completely burnt out.
1890 June
Sold at auction to Otto Banck and Johan Ingemansson, Helsingborg, for £ 1100. The ship was repaired at the owner's shipyard and was renamed Ida. Captain Olof Pettersson, Guövik.
Wrecked on the West coast of Guernsey on voyage from Raine Island with a cargo of guano for Granville.


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