An iron barque built in 1876 by Birrell, Stenhouse & Co., Dumbarton, as yard no. 14. Dimensions: 184'4"×31'0"×18'5" and tonnage: 771 GRT, 735 NRT, and 720 tons under deck.
1876 May
Launched at the shipyard of Birrell, Stenhouse & Co., Dumbarton, for D.T. Boyd, Glasgow. Assigned the official British Registration No. 73832 and signal PRJL.
Transferred to Aber Shipping Co., Glasgow.
Transferred to North British Shipping Co.
Sold to H. Grierson & G. Cowper, Glasgow.
Sold to J. Hardie & Co., Glasgow.
Sold to M. Tutton, Swansea.
Master: Captain L. Davies [LR 1889-90]
1905 October.
Sold to Skibs A/S Durban (A.J. Grefstad), Kristiansand, and was renamed Durban.
Sold to A/S Halewood, Arendal.
Sold to A/S Durban (J. Jacobsen), Fredrikstad.
1916 August
Sold to Andreas Hannestad, Fredrikstad.
1917 February 1
Attacked by a German submarine West of Ireland on voyage from Santa Cruz, Cuba, to Copenhagen. The Durban was able to escape the submarine and reach harbour. The received damage from the submarine gun was substantial and she was condemned.
1918 August
Sold to Christiansands Motorseil A/S, Kristiansand, after having been repaired and had a couple of 69 HP Skandia engines installed.
1920 May 4
Sold to William Millar, Gothenburg, for SEK 367.000 and was renamed Mary. Assigned the official Swedish Registration No. 6295 and signal KCNG. The Swedish measurements were 771 GRT, 644 NRT, and 1200 DWT.
1923 October
Sold to H.W. Ritscher, Moorburg, for SEK 27.500 to be broken up.


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