An iron full-rigged ship built in 1862 by Jones, Quiggin & Co., Liverpool. Dimensions 214'0"×35'0"×23'0" and 1132 GRT and 1130 NRT and 1132 tons under deck.
1862 February
Launched at the shipyard of Jones, Quiggin & Co., Liverpool, for ... Assigned the official British Reg. No. 44187 and signal TSCQ.
Owner: T. Isamy & Co., Liverpool; Master: Captain W. Meyler. [LR 1872-73]
Owner: R.W. Cameron & Co., Liverpool; Master: Captain Coulthurst. [LR 1879-80]
1881 January 28
Sold to F. Laeisz, Hamburg, and was renamed Pluto. Assigned the German signal RHDG. The new measurements were 65,52×10,65×7,06 meters and 1159 GRT.
In command of Captain J.H. Schwaner.
In command of Captain H.J. Schacht.
In command of Captain C.F. Blöse.
In command of Captain C.L. Hansen.
In command of Captain F. Kähler.
1891 March 7
Sold to Wilhelm Maack, Rostock. Assigned the German signal RGBC. The new measurements were 65,20×10,70×7,00 meters and 1133 RT. In command of Captain R. Niemann.
1892 July 16
Sailed from Blyth with a cargo of coal for Iquique and disappeared on route.
1892 August 22
Last spoken to by the barque Helen Scott in position 8°39'S, 25°34'W.


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