An iron full-rigged ship built in 1873 by J. Reid & Co., Port Glasgow. Dimensions 64,68×10,45×7,16 meters [231'1"×37'1"×23'4"] and tonnage 1332 GRT and 1279 NRT.
Launched at the shipyard of J. Reid & Co., Port Glasgow, for W.C. Battersby & Co., Liverpool.
1889 February 22
Sold to Alb. Evers & Classen, Hamburg, and was renamed Ocean. Assigned the German signal RHML. The new German measurements were 68,48×10,84×7,22 meters and 1332 GRT.
Captain E.H.C. Staben.
Probably re-rigged as a barque in this year.
Sold to August Troberg, Mariehamn. [Kresse has Donner in 1899]
1911 November 4
Wrecked on the west coast of Isle of Islay on voyage from Dublin to Moss.


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