A steel barque built in 1894 by Russell & Co., Greenock, as yard no. 368. Dimensions: ___'_"×__'_"×__'_" and tonnage: .... GRT, .... NRT and .... tons under deck.
Launched at the shipyard of Russell & Co., Greenock, for Ancon Ship Co. Lim. (McDonald, Adams & Co.), Greenock. Assigned the official British Reg. No. .... and signal .....
Sold to R. Salvesen & Co., Tvedestrand, Norway.
Sold to A/S Stjernen (H. Jacobsen & Co.), Sarpsborg, and was renamed Nordstjerne.
1920 February
Sold to Rederi AB Taifun, Stockholm, and was renamed Taifun. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 6341 and signal KCQT. The new measurements were 69,63×11,08×6,62 meters and 1501 GRT, 1338 NRT and 2375 DWT. Captain Hjalmar Olsson, Simrishamn.
1920 August.
Captain Lars Andersson.
1920 October 7
Sailed from Ålborg with a cargo of chalk for Boston, MA, USA.
1920 December 7
Arrived at St Geroge, Bermudas, with considerable rig damage.
1921 February 2
The American steamer Coahoma City drifted across the bow of the Taifun and damaged the stem and the forecastle. The cost to repair was estimated to £ 22.000 to which should be added £ 2800;, the cost for unloading and docking. It was decided to declare the ship a "constructive total loss".
As late as 1930 the ship could still be seen in an unaltered state.


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