Anne McDonald

An iron barque built in 1882 by W. Walker & Co., Rotherhithe, London. Dimensions 152'7"×29'1"×15'5" and 479 GRT, 459 NRT, 700 DWT and 438 tons under deck.
1882 February
Launched at the shipyard of W. Walker & Co., Rotherhithe, London, for McDonald, Scales & Co., London. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 85112 and signal WJBM.
1898 May
Sold to J.E. Hagström, Oskarshamn, Sweden, for £ 2250.
Sold to Thom & Cameron, Glasgow, and was renamed Canna.
Sold to British & Mexican Shipping Co. Ltd. (W.C. Jarvis & Son), Liverpool.
Sold to G. Clunies-Ross (H. Stubbings), Keeling, Cocos Islands. Still registered at Liverpool.
1912 September 2
Sold to And. S. Cronberg, Landskrona, for £ 2350 and was renamed Bellisle.
1912 October 23
Transferred to AB Bellisle (And. S. Cronberg). 5441 and JTGB.
1913 June 12
Sailed from Liverpool to Fray Bentos, Uruguay, and disappeared on the way.


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