An iron barque built in 1869 by A. McMillan & Son, Dumbarton. Dimensions 158'5"×27'8"×16'5" and 514 GRT, 498 NRT and 469 tons under deck.
1869 January
Launched at the shipyard of A. McMillan & Son, Dumbarton, for McArthur & Co., Greenock. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 72078 and signal JGBM.
Sold to A. Rae & Co., Liverpool.
Captain Murdoch.
1894 May 2
Sold to Nils Magnus Påhlson and partners, Helsingborg, for £ 1900 and was renamed Hedvig. 1340 and JCQK. The tonnage was 510 GRT, 488 NRT and 875 DWT. Captain Anders Påhlsson, Helsingborg.
1903 February
Sold to Gustaf Henrik Witt and partners, Helsingborg. Captain August Brynolf Jönsson, Råå.
1903 September 10
Collided with an unknown sailing vessel, probably the barque Mathilda of Mölle, and was rendered un-manoeuvrable. Subsequently wrecked in a storm at Södra Herta, Bua, on voyage from Yarmouth to Vasa in ballast.
1903 October
The wreck was sold to Aron Svahn, Kungsbacka, for SEK 4000 to be broken up on the spot.


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