An iron barque built in 1869 by Iliff, Mounsey & Co., Sunderland. Dimensions 163'0"×28'0"×17'4" and 528 GRT, 509 NRT and 491 tons under deck.
1869 February
Launched at the shipyard of Iliff, Mounsey & Co., Sunderland, for R.H. Penney & Sons, Shoreham.
Sold to Shaw, Savill & Co., Shoreham [?], for £ 2350.
1898 December 30
Sold to Jöns Lundberg, Malmö, for £ 2000. Captain Niklas Alfred Jeppsson, Skanör.
1907 May 3
Sold to AB Ferraria, Stockholm, for SEK 15.500 but the purchase was transferred to Bröderna Edstrand, Malmö, for SEK 17.000.
1907 December 10
Sold to Sandvikens Jernverks AB and was rebuilt as a lighter.
Later sold to Herrängs Grufve AB, Herräng, and was renamed Herräng 7.

Later used as a grain storage in Malmö and Gothenburg with the name Sten.


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