An iron barque built in 1881 by J.P. Svensson at Sjöbergs Varf. Dimensions 175'2"×29'1"×16'0" and 598 GRT, 570 NRT and 800 DWT. Sistership to the barque Frithiof.
Launched at the shipyard of Sjöbergs Varf for Gustaf Frithiof Cawallin and Aug. Sundberg, Framnäs (Sundsvall).
Transferred to G.F. Cawallin & Söner.
Taken over by Sundsvalls Enskilda Bank (Carl Wilhelm Löfgren), Sundsvall.
1899 December
Sold to Framnäs Varfs AB, Framnäs.
1903 November 24
Transferred to Wifsta Rederi AB, Framnäs.
1909 March 29
Sold to Francesco Valle & G. Pietro, Genoa, and was renamed Roberto G.
1916 May 24
Sunk by a German submarine in the Mediterranean on voyage from Aquin to Genoa.


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