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An iron full-rigged ship built in 1868 by Iliff & Mounsey, Sunderland, as yard no. 30. Dimensions: 166'3"×28'1"×17'3" and tonnage: 536 GRT, 536 NRT and 494 tons under deck. Re-rigges as a barque before 1889.
1868 October
Launched at the shipyard of Iliff & Mounsey, Sunderland, for Gourlay & Co., Glasgow. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 52853 and signal HLVS. Employed in the South American [?] trade.
Captain C. Sauer was given command of the vessel.
Sold to Heinrich Bauer, Rostock, for DEM 82.000 and was renamed Emma Bauer. Assigend the German signal MDPQ. The new measurements were 49,87×8,43×5,17 meters and 536 RT. Captain H. Niemann, Dändorf, was given command of the vessel.
Sold to Paul Grampp, Rostock.
Sold to Anders Nilsson and partners, Helsingborg, for SEK 30.000 and was renamed Anders. Assigned the official Swedish Registration No. 3886 and signal JMGD. The new measurements were 49,44×8,58×5,27 meters and 536 GRT, 496 NRT and 800 DWT. Captain Nils Olof Gudmundsson, Råå.
Captain Jacob Andersson, Råå.
1913 December 4
Drifted ashore at Dybingen during a severe gale. Was subsequently salvaged but condemned at Christiansand on January 8, 1914.
Sold to Langesunds Ophugningskompani for SEK 16.000.
1914 Autumn
Sold to Åsbacka Trävaru AB, Söderhamn, and was rebuilt as a barge.
1919 September 30
Sold to Ostkustens Transport AB, Stockholm.
Sold to Kungl. Marinförvaltningen.
Final fate not known.


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