British Envoy

An iron fullrigged ship built in 1866 by T. Royden & Sons, Liverpool, as yard no. 89. Dimensions: 214'5"×35'9"×22'9" and tonnage: 1265 GRT, 1265 NRT and 1199 tons under deck. Rigged with double topsails, single topgallant sails and royals.

1866 April
Launched at the shipyard of T. Royden & Sons, Liverpool, for British Shipowners Co. Ltd., Liverpool. Assigned the official British Registration No. 54969 and signal KHLD. Employed in world wide trade.
LR 1879-80: Master: Captain Stewart.
Sold to J. Coupland, Liverpool, and was reduced to barque rig.
Sold to Carl August Banck and partners, Helsingborg, for £ 5500. The seller was Charles Grierson, Liverpool. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 354 and signal HVNT. The new measurements were 65,13×10,79×6,93 meters and 133 GRT, 1228 NRT and 1896 DWT.
Sold to A/S Arabia (J. Johansen & Co.), Kristiania, and was renamed Arabia.
Captain O.J. Jobsen.
Captain I. Jobsen.
1909 August 9
Wrecked at Cape Chatte in fog on voyage from Buenos Ayres in ballast.


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