An iron barque built in 1868 by Iliff & Mounsey, Sunderland, as yard no. 29. Dimensions: 145'0"×27'1"×16'1" and tonnage: 398 GRT, 378 NRT and 370 tons under deck.
1868 October
Launched at the shipyard of Iliff & Mounsey, Sunderland, for G.B. Wadsworth, Liverpool. Assigned the official British Registration No. 58548 and signal HLDQ. Employed in the Mediterranean trade.
LR 1879-80: Owner: McKellar, Carr & Co., Liverpool.
Sold to F.C. Johansen, Goole.
Sold to E. Consigliere Ved. Drago (F. Drago), Genoa and was renamed Tomaso Drago.
1912 May 31
Sold to Rederi AB Janes (And. S. Cronberg), Landkrona, for £ 825 and was renamed Janes. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 5388 and signal JTBM. Captain Berhard Bengtsson.
1912 August 9
Captain Janne Andersson, Nyhamnsläge.
1915 November 17
Captain Karl Johan Andersson, Figeholm.
1921 July 19
Captain Fredrik Wallin, Slite.
1922 June 14
Captain Janne Andersson, Nyhamnsläge.
1922 November 16
Captain Johan August Andersson, Gothenburg.
1924 October
Sold to J.R. Lionnet & Co., Port Louis, Mauritius, for SEK 41.600 and was renamed Diego.
1935 June 20
Wrecked at Eagle Island, Chagos Archipelago, without loss of life.


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