An iron full-rigged ship built in 1862 by James Laing, Sunderland, as yard no. 40. Dimensions 150'0"×26'0"×17'1" and 501 GRT, 501 NRT and 488 tons under deck.
1862 March
Launched at the shipyard of James Laing, Sunderland, for Ord & Co., Sunderland.
Sold to Fowler, London.
1877 April 28
Sold to Emil Julius Hagen & Co., Hamburg and was renamed Emil Julius. Reduced to barque rig. Captain N.H. Jürgensen.
Sold to C.A. Beug, Stralsund.
1890 February
Sold to Johan Henrik Sylvander and partners, Strömstad, Sweden, and was renamed Anna Sofia. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 292 and signal HVBP. The new Swedish measurements were 46,54x8,01x5,22 meters and 494 GRT, 476 NRT and 675 DWT. Captain Erik Johan Lodin, Hernösand.
1901 September
Received storm-damage in the Southern Pacific on voyage from Adelaide to Philadelphia (other sources have New Caledonia to Liverpool) and had to seek refuge at Ancud, Chile, where she was subsequently condemned.
Sold to H. Alv Haverbeck, Valdivia, Chile, who repaired the ship and renamed her Los Canelos.
Rebuilt as a coal barge.


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