An iron barque built in 1867 by John Reid & Co., Port Glasgow, as yard no. 32. Dimensions: 172'4"×28'2"×18'5" and tonnage: 598 GRT, 598 NRT and 577 tons under deck.
1867 August
Launched at the shipyard of John Reid & Co., Port Glasgow, for C.T. Bowring & Co., Liverpool. Assigned the official British Registration No. 60010 signal HNGJ.
Captain Owen.
Sold to Brøderne Andersen, Sarpsborg, but was registered under Soc, Anon. du Voiler Cordelia, Antwerp. Captain H. Halvorsen.
Sold to Chr. Trondsen, Stavanger.
1913 December 12
Sold to Anders Nilsson and partners, Helsingborg, for NOK 20.500. Assigned the official Swedish Registration No. 5554 and signal JTPN. The new measurements were 51,14×8,58×5,56 meters and 618 GRT, 564 NRT and 920 DWT. Captain Janne Nordgren.
1916 June 7
Sold to Rederi AB Cordelia (Gustaf E. Sandström), Gothenburg, for SEK 120.000.
1917 March 17
Sailed from Pascagoula, MI, with a cargo of pitch pine for Cardiff.
1917 April 24
Sunk by a German submarine at 51°14'N, 15°8'W. The crew was saved by the British steamer Wabash on April 26.


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