A wooden full-rigged ship built in 1856 by Duncan Dunbar, Moulmein. Dimensions 190'0"×34'0"×23'5" and tonnage 1200 tons.
Launched at the shipyard of Duncan Dunbar, Moulmein, for ... Assigned the official British Reg. No. 20400 and signal ____.
Laid the Persian Gulf cable together with the Assaye and The Tweed.
Owner J. Fleming, London; Captain A. Elmslie [LR 1872-1873].
Sold to Shaw, Savill & Co., London, by Fleming, London, for £ 10.000.
1874 September 11
Sailed from London [?] with a crew of 44 men and 429 emmigrants for Auckland.
1874 November 17
Fire broke out and the ship had to be abandoned. Only two boats with 42 and 39 onboard managed to get clear of the burning ship.
1874 November 21
The two boats were separated and one was never seen again.
1874 November 27
The five remaining in the second mate Henry MacDonald's boat were saved by the British Sceptre. Of the five a passenger and an Ordinary Seaman died onboard the British Sceptre.


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