County of Anglesea

An iron barque built in 1877 by R. & J. Evans & Co., Liverpool. Dimensions 214'4"×35'2"×21'2" and 1103 GRT, 1027 NRT.
1877 April
Launched at the shipyard of R. & J. Evans & Co., Liverpool, for Thomas Williams & Co., Liverpool. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 76506 and signal QRHK.
Sold to W. Gustafsson and O. Pettersson, Mariehamn. Captain O. Pettersson.
Captain O. Jansson.
Dismasted off New Zealand but was able to reach Wellington under jury rig.
1910 September
Sold to New Zealand owners and used as a barge.
Re-rigged and repaired. Registered in Dunedin under the name Gladbrook.
Rigged down and laid up. Served as a hulk, first at Suva and later in Auckland.


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