An iron fullrigged ship built in 1869 by J. Reid & Co., Port Glasgow. Dimensions 204'0"×34'0"×21'7" and tonnage 987 GRT, 925 NRT and 899 tons under deck.
1869 June
Launched at the shipyard of J. Reid & Co., Port Glasgow, for McDiarmid, Liverpool. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 63180 and signal JFRP.
Re-rigged as a barque.
Captain J. Morris.
Owned by Greenshields, Cowie & Co., Liverpool.
1889 December 9
Sold to Hans Nicolaus Alexander Meyers, Hamburg, and was renamed Mathilde Deussen. Assigned the German signal RHSQ. The German measurements were 62,04×10,08×6,62 meters and 990 GRT. [Lille has 1887]
1896 October 26
Sold to Mentz, Decker & Co., Hamburg.
1897 January 8
Wrecked in Norway on voyage from Hamburg to Fredrikstad and was condemned.
Sold to J. Aalborg, Kragerö, and was repaired. Renamed Daphne.
Sold to F. Jacobsen, Frederikstad.
Renamed Else.
Sold to Hugo Lundqvist, Mariehamn. Captain M. Öfverström. The Finnish measurements were 202'8"×34'0"×21'6".
1926 June 1
Wrecked near the Cape Skag in the Gulf of Bothnia on voyage from Mariehamn to Piteå, Sweden.


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