An iron full-rigged ship built in 1864 by Harland & Wolf, Belfast as Yard No. 30. Dimensions: 226'2"×37'2"×23'3" and tonnage: 1456 GRT, 1300 NRT, and 1214 tons under deck. Rigged with royals and single topgallant sails over double topsails.

1864 September
Launched at the shipyard of Harland & Wolf, Belfast, for the Indian Iron Ship Company, Bombay. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 30632 and signal PRNG. Captain H. Campbell.
Sold to John Willis & Sons, London, after the failure of the first owners. Fitted for passengers and employed in the Australian emmigrant trade carrying wool back.
Sailed from San Francisco to Liverpool in 97 days under Captain T. Freebody.
In command of Captain C.W.H. Hutchins.
1883 February 8 - June 4
Sailed from Sydney to London in 116 days.
1883 July 15 - September 30
Sailed from Plymouth with 414 emmigrants to Sydney in 77 days. Had to be quarantined at arrival as there was measles and fever on board.
1883 December 29 - April 21
Sailed from Sydney to London in 113 days. Was beaten with one day by the little Cimba which had departed from Sydney on the same day.
1884 December 12 - March 27
Sailed from Sydney to London in 105 days. The Cimba which once again had left Sydney on the same day arrived in London on the same day as the Dharwar.
1886 January 19 - May 11
Sailed from Melbourne to London in 112 days.
1887 February 15 - May 21
Sailed from Sydney to London in 95 days. The Trafalgar which left Sydney on the same date also arrived in London 95 days out.
1887 November 23 - March 5
Sailed from Melbourne to London in 103 days.
1888 December 1 - March 7
Sailed from Melbourne to London in 96 days.
1895 June 16
Saved crew from the ship Prince Oscar which had been sailed over by an unknown four-masted ship and sunk 500 miles off the Brazlian coast.
1898 June 29
Sold to John Erik Hagström and Johan Henrik Lundvall, Oskarshamn, for £ 4000. The Swedish measurements were 1392 GRT and 1271 NRT. Captain J.H. Lundvall, late of the schooner Sam, became master of the ship.
Sailed from Holmsund to Port Elizabeth in 88 days.
1900 September
Sold to Rederi AB Dharwar (Ivar Elfversson) for £ 5000 or SEK 90.000.
In command of Captain Anders P. Larsson.
1902 May 24
Arrived to Fremantle in 80 days out from Barry.
1903 November
Stranded at North Beach on North American east coast.
Captain O. Olsson replaced Captain Larsson.
1906 January 26
Sold to Nya Rederi AB Dharwar (Erik Brodin) for SEK 60.000.
1909 March 8
Arrived to Le Havre from Jamacia
1909 March
Sold to Gio. Batta Bertirello & Fratelli, Genoa, for FRF 45.000 to be broken up after having arrived to LeHavre from Jamacia.


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