An iron barque built in 1884 by AG Germaniawerft, Gaarden bei Kiel, as yard no. 20. Dimensions 58,53×9,72×5,63 meters and tonnage 852 GRT.
1884 September 9
Launched at the shipyard of Germania Werft, Gaarden bei Kiel, for Christian Michael Matzen, Altona. Assigned the official German signal RGSD. Captain G. Green.
1892 December 13
Sold to Rudolf William Palm and partners, Malmö, for £ 5900 and was renamed Julius Palm. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 342 and signal JBLR. New measurements 860 GRT, 800 NRT and 1275 DWT. Captain Jöns Andersson, Skanör, who owned 2 shares was appointed master of the ship.
1907 December 13
Sold to Hjalmar Knudsen, Lillesand, Norway, for SEK 47.500 and was renamed Norma.
1908 April 16 - July 3
Sailed from Cardiff to Punta Arenas with a cargo of coal.
1917 March 1
Sunk by the German submarine U 58 some 10 miles NE Shetland Islands on voyage from Savannah to Aarhus. The crew was picked up by a British patrol boat and landed at Lerwick.


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