A composite barque built in 1866 by G.S. Moore & Co., Sunderland. Dimensions 50,81×9,61×5,67 meters [166'6"×31'5"×18'6"] and 698 GRT, 698 NRT and 646 tons under deck.
1866 October 27
Launched at the shipyard of G.S. Moore & Co., Sunderland, for John Charles Buckle, Bristol. Assigned the official German Reg. No. 53187 and signal MJCS.
Sold to Killick, Martin, Ritchie and partners, London.
1873 - 1877
In command of Captain Thomas Bragg.
1877 - 1884
In command of Captain Clement Henderson late first mate of The Sir Jamsetjee Family.
Sold to T. Cossovich, Ragusa. Later registered at Trieste.
Sold to owners in Genoa.
Disappears from the registers.


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