An iron barque built in 1869 by J.G. Lawrie, Whiteinch, Glasgow. Dimensions: 188'7"×31'9"×18'4" and tonnage: 781 GRT, 759 NRT and 726 tons under deck.
1869 December
Launched at the shipyard of J.G. Lawrie, Whiteinch, Glasgow, for J.E. Munro, London. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 63545 and signal JKTN.
Captain J.S. McKechnie.
Sold to A/S Endymion (R. Hansen), Kristiansand, Norway.
1914 March
Sold to H.W. Ritscher, Hamburg.
Sold to Nils Fremberg, Sölvesborg, Sweden, and was renamed Virgo. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 6770 and signal KDNV. The Swedish measurements were 55,94×9,66×5,65 meters and 807 GRT, 699 NRT and 1340 DWT. Captain Gustaf Alfred Johansson, Brantevik, was given command of the ship.
1917 April 15
Sold to Messrs. Interchange Ltd., Stockholm, for SEK 300 000.
1919 July 12
Sold to Rederi AB Segel, Stockholm, for SEK 189 342,75.
1920 July 1
Sold by AB Nordiska Bankirinstitutet after the bankruptcy of Rederi AB Segel to Rederi AB Baltic (S. Gustafsson), Mariehamn, Åland. The ship was repossed when the new buyer could not close the deal.
1921 April 5
Sold to Ernst Beckman, Kivik, for £ 2050.
Sold to Kallentin Svensson and Chr. Edson, Vikern, for SEK 17 500 to be broken up.
Sold to Petersen & Albeck, Copenhagen, for SEK 16 000 to be broken up.


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